Watch: Hailey Whitters, "One More Hell"

"My brother passed away in a car accident when he was 19. My family packed up the car the day after his funeral and drove out West. We had no plans other than making it out to California and driving up the coast. It was really therapeutic. When I got back to Nashville that summer, I sat down with my guitar and this song was the first thing that came out"

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Hear Hailey Whitters' Fierce New Track, 'Pocket Change' [Listen]

Her new track, “Pocket Change”, is infused with a large dose of feminine confidence that has made Miranda Lambert such a celebrated figure in country music. Throughout the song, she’s backed by powerful electric guitar and a punchy beat that’s built to make your boots start tapping. When she proclaims “I don’t want to love you anyhow,” it’s obvious she has no intentions of being bogged down by a little heartbreak. Whether it’s in life or in her music, Whitters doesn’t back down easy.

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Video Premiere: Hailey Whitters 'Black Sheep'

If you haven’t heard Hailey Whitters yet, you should stop everything you’re doing right now and press play on the video we’re premiering down below. The Shueyville, Iowa native is a small town girl with some serious sass and even more hard-hitting songwriting ability, something which has been catching the attention of the likes of Music Row critic Robert K Oermann and Nashville Scene. Having moved to Nashville at the age of 17, escaping a population of 600 in favor of college and plenty of due-paying day jobs, Hailey spent the next several years performing in dive bars and honky-tonks around Music City before coming into her own during writers’ nights.

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Music Row Pics: Hailey Whitters

Carnival Music Publishing singer-songwriter Hailey Whitters previewed songs from her upcoming album, Black Sheep, during a recent visit to the MusicRow office. Whitters signed with Carnival Music Publishing in 2012, and has recently been working with producer Derek Wells on her debut project. “We sat down with Carnival and picked out the 10 songs that most represented me as an artist,” says Whitters.

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